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Book-length Editorial Services

Ghostwriting / Developmental Editing / Line Editing / Critiquing

  • Business Nonfiction: Business, Tech/Social Impact, Political Economics (2014–Current) 

    • Interview, research, write, and edit

    • Provide consultation on book structuring. Clients include professionals in business, entrepreneurship & political economics. Audience includes general and academic readerships

    • Provide critique & written evaluations for book-length manuscripts. Ghostwritten and edited nonfiction books have been published by regional and custom houses, including a #1 Amazon bestseller

  • Fiction: Character-based fiction, women’s literature, YA romance / coming-of-age novels (2011–Current) 

    • Work one-on-one with authors

      • Incorporate teaching experience as a former instructor at the University of Iowa, Antioch College, and the International Writing Program

    • Jury fiction manuscripts for residency scholarships at the Vermont Studio Center

To request a detailed projects list or writing samples, please contact me.



Literary Fiction